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Custom Desined Microwave Components

Since 2003, we have working  in field of microwave component industry. Founder, H.S Cho was a sales engineer  for Intel semincondector in 1986 and since then he worked in field of Korea Electronics industry. He found CH Corporation which supply microwave componets for microwave communication equipments. Coxial attenuator, Coxial termination (Dummy Load), Power divider, Filter, Isolator, Circulators, detector, Amplifier and others.

What we do? 

Custom-designed microwave components.

Representative of Ditom Microwave Inc. (in Korea)

Representative of Eclipse Microwave Inc. (in Korea)

OEM Manufactuer of Microwave components.

Very competitive,

on time delivery, 

0ne year product quality guarantee

Good human relationsheep.

How you can use CH Corporation for your needs?

Just call us : 82-(0)2-6000-3977

Just send us e-mail:

For details, you can refer to the website:


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