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CH Corporation is a leading provider of microwave components, especially offering microwave attenuators, terminations, Isolators, circulators, detectors, filters, waveguides, switches, and power dividers. Founded by  Mr. H.S Cho who started  his company about twenty years ago and already becomes a established company in not only in Korea but also in the world.  today we offer smart, innovative services to dozens of electronic manufactuers, R & D centers.

We offer  our solutions by closely listening to our customers and offer a special components which fits to their needs. Our components  meets the standards of the industry. We know what the customers need and Once customer use CH Corporation as business partner, they will succeed in procuments on time.  Get in touch today to learn more about the CH Corporation.



Easy. Fast. Secure.

At CH Corporation, we listen to the customer requirments about microwave components like coxial attenuators, termination called dummy load, power divider, isolator, circulator, and  filter.  Also we offer you the spec of the components and if accepted by the customer, we start production in our OEM base. In general, the products are manufactured on time and its quality is guaranteed for one year.  We supplied our products to Samsung Electronic for almost tweny years in this area.  Defense is another area we can do. We represents  Ditom Microwave Inc. and Eclipse Microwave in USA in Korea.  If you want microwave components, you can use CH Corporation as your partner.


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Mark Twain


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